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Lauren Phoenix (born May 13, 1979, in Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian pornographic actress.

Phoenix grew up in Toronto. She studied music at the University of Western Ontario and started exotic dancing at age 20, working in various cities throughout Southern Ontario, such as Windsor, to reduce the chance of being recognized by someone who knew her personally. She has also spent time dancing in England and Las Vegas.[1]

She has stated she began toying with the idea of becoming more involved in the industry during her dancing days because she saw lucrative opportunities in creating her own websites, as well as producing and distributing her own adult materials. However, she realized that California is where she needed to be to further her ambitions. She moved there and after spending a couple days trying to figure out her next move, Phoenix was discovered by World Modeling. This encounter led to a hasty interview with Ed Powers. Powers was so enamoured with her, that he shot her the same day. Phoenix further explains "I needed money. He was offering."[2]

Phoenix entered the adult film business in the spring of 2003 and that same year won the XRCO award for best new starlet and best Orgasmic Analist.[citation needed] In 2004, she won the Orgasmic Analist award from XRCO.[3]

Phoenix was nominated for the AVN Best New Starlet award in 2004[4] and in 2005 won AVN's Female Performer of the Year.[5] She also won in 2005 the XRCO awards for Orgasmic Analist and Female Performer Of The Year.[6]

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Lauren Phoenix

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